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Caves de Garcia

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Caves de Garcia, located 30 km from Monterrey, are a unique natural monument in Mexico. This is a huge underground complex of galleries of caves connected by corridors. About these cave people did not know for a long time, although they were formed about 500 thousand years ago. They were discovered in 1843 the family, Marmolejo, which is in the area collecting firewood. The head of the family, Ignacio spoke about the opening of underground formations, priest Juan Antonio Sobrevilla. In the same year under the leadership of the discoverer of the caves went the first research expedition. The eyes of the surprised people appeared in the cave, whose total length is 300 meters. Their maximum depth is 105 meters. In prehistoric times there was the sea, so on the walls of caves and now you can see the remains of marine fossils.

To the entrance to the caves can be reached by cable car Grutas de Garcia. From the terminal stations to the caves will have to climb 80 meters. Available for inspection tourist part of the cave complex consists of 16 underground formations, where it is provided 34 observation deck. Many gyms as well as impressive stalactites and stalagmites in caves have their names associated with their shape and features. The most beautiful Hall of the Light, which is lit through a hole in the ceiling of the cave. Room Air is striking in its height. It has a balcony on the 40-meter altitude, offering wonderful views of the cave, lying at the bottom. Eighth wonder of the world called together a fused stalactite and stalagmite column. Another amazing local rock formation shaped like the hand.