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The Island Of La Roqueta

Photos and description

La roqueta is a picturesque island within a ten minute walk from the property the Acapulco Bay. This is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Acapulco and a popular place for visitors in the city.

The island is in the southern part of the coast of Guerrero, overlooking the Bay of Acapulco port of the same name. It stretches over 1.6 km long and 1.5 km wide, total area of 0.71 sq. km.

The climate is tropical, the island is a protected natural area. La roqueta is rich in lush vegetation, mostly palm trees, lemon and almond trees.

The island has a great shallow beach where you can stop to swim and sunbathe. You can walk to the lighthouse. It is located on top of a small mountain in the center of the island. There is a panoramic view of Acapulco Bay and the jungle of the island.

Another of the island attractions is a local zoo, home to tigers, crocodiles, lions, turtles, monkeys, giraffes, and even deer. On La Roquette there are several good restaurants where you can enjoy lunch.

Near the harbour you can go diving and enjoy snorkeling. Divers, of course, here involve shipwrecks, underwater caves and rocks near the island.

In 58 of the last century on the seabed here was erected a bronze statue of the virgin of Guadalupe, patroness of Mexico, in memory of fallen divers. The monument stands in the depths of the sea at 2 feet 45 cm by the Way, the underwater sculpture you can see if you can reach the island by boat with a glass bottom.