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The ruins of Coba

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One of the most famous cities of the Maya - Koba is located on the Yucatan Peninsula a few kilometres from Tulum. The main temples of this mound was built between 250 and 900 ad when the Mayan civilization was flourishing. In Coba, even after arrival in the New world of the conquistadors lived people. For some reason they suddenly left their homes, and Koba turned first to the Ghost town, and then gradually began to deteriorate.

Territory Koba is 120 sq. km. has been Studied and is open for visits only a small portion of these ruins. The most popular among tourists is the group of buildings called the Nohoch-Mul. It is dominated by a 42-metre pyramid of El Castillo, on top of which you can climb. This should overcome the 120 steps, each equal to width of only 10 cm Rise will be quite difficult, because instead of railing to the top of the stretched ropes. But, once upstairs, one can look around the remaining four groups of buildings city of Coba. On the pyramid, a small stone hut containing the altar. Other monuments Koba is still not restored. They are scattered throughout the jungle and connected by narrow paths.

Kobe has also an extensive network of roads ("sacbe"), which was built for a sacred use. Such assumptions, scientists expressed on the basis of the fact that the Indians did not have wagons, so to drive in paved roads is not needed.

Near the ruins are rare in these parts of the lake, in which live crocodiles. So, tourists, traveling not with a guide and independently, must be extremely cautious.