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National sanctuary of butterflies-the monarch

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National the Monarch butterfly sanctuary is located in two States of Mexico, Mexico city and Michoacan. It is the earth's largest habitat of butterflies-the monarch, which every September, in spite of its fragility, flying from 2 to 4 thousand kilometers to the Yucatan from the United States and Canada.

For public access, the Park was opened on 21 November 2011.

Winter these beautiful creation in a state of torpor on the trees oyamel that looks like a larch. One butterfly no larger than 7 centimeters and weighing less than 0.5 grams, but them coming here is an incredible set (to 1 billion) that centuries-old trees bend under the weight of the winged guests, and sometimes even break.

In March, when spring arrives, the monarchs fly North to breed, destined to live no more than four weeks. In the subsequent journey to the South will move to the fifth generation of those butterflies that wintered here a year ago. For scientists still remains a mystery how they manage to find their way in the same place where wintered their ancestors five generations ago.

In Mariposa-Monarca is the name of the Park in Spanish - every year attracts about 50 thousand tourists from around the world. To visit the Park is during Hiking excursions and horse or bike. On its territory there are small cafes serving local cuisine.

The Park is under special protection. A group of tourists no more than 20 people accompanied by guides that have a special license. Mariposa-Monarca is one of four UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO in Mexico.