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The ancient city of Calakmul

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In southern Mexico once housed one of the largest settlements of the Maya of Calakmul. In the Mayan language its name means "nearby hills." Also known as "Kaan" and "Kingdom of snakes", the city is of great interest to tourists and scientists, because to this day remains to be elucidated.

In 1931 by American biologist Cyrus Langella found its ruins three hundred kilometers to the South-East from Campeche. Explore the ancient place of steel a half - century later in 1952. In the city, occupied in those days a huge area of 30 square kilometers, was discovered over six thousand buildings, this means that Calakmul was not the last city in the political and economic system of the Maya. If we talk about the population, it was about 22-25 thousand people.

The city has a classical structure of cities of the time. From the center in all directions are 7 roads sacbe (Mayan road, which connected the ceremonial place or city to another). In one of the pyramid were found the tombs of the Emperor, Yukna Yich AAK K AK’ is the last ruler of the city. On several stelae, which has kept its appearance, you can find images of the king, Queen and even mistresses first.

Scientists and archaeologists have done a lot of work to recreate the look of ancient Mayan city. Tourists who arrived in Calakmul, you can not only walk on the stone streets of the ancestors, but also to climb one of the pyramids. With the height of the pyramid offers views of the ancient capital and the tropical jungle surrounding it. On the territory inhabited by various animals, which you can see wild pigs, monkeys, pheasants and the sacred Quetzal bird.