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Ferris wheel "Estrella"

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In summer 2013, Puebla became the centre of attention of all media in the world. Here inaugurated the largest ever Ferris wheel. This achievement recorded in the Guinness Book of records. The Ferris wheel is called "Estrella", which translated from Spanish means "Star", it was first launched on 22 July 2013 in the presence of the state Governor Rafael Moreno Valle of the roses. This ride that raises the audience to a height of 80 meters, is an entertainment complex that includes a Linear Park, Garden of arts, Metropolitan Park, the promenade along the river Atoyac and the still under construction international Baroque Museum.

The construction of the Ferris wheel, which spent 200 million pesos, caused a storm of criticism from the press and activists. Officials in charge of this amount has been accused of dishonesty.

Wheel "Estrella" was made in Germany. This model R80XL. It has 54 of the trailer, each of which can hold 8 people. Thus, the wheel can accommodate 432. In addition, Estrella has four luxurious gondolas that have a glass floor and leather seats. The wheel makes three revolutions per hour.

Initially, the city authorities of Puebla suggested to set the "Estrella" in the historic district of Paseo Bravo, but scientists have opposed construction in the area. The following is a ground for setting the wheels were selected on the territory of the training center CENHCH, where children from 3 to 18 years, which also caused a lot of protests.

Governor Moreno Valle tired of these disputes, and he decided that the Ferris wheel will stand where we see it now, that is the area in the commercial district of Puebla. Residents from the surrounding neighborhoods, too, was unhappy with the appearance of the wheel. Because at first here he was often off the electricity. But now these problems are solved.