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In Mexico, there are only three of the wax Museum, and one of them is in the far North of the country, in Tijuana (the other two must be sought in the capital and Guadalajara). The local Museum was opened on 5 February 1993.

Currently, his collection consists of 86 pieces of the most famous people of Mexico and the world and constantly updated. The whole exposition of the likeness of the Madame Tussauds Museum located in ten halls, and are classified by topics: history of Mexico, state leaders of the twentieth century, Mexican and foreign actors, artists, athletes. Another hall is devoted to criminals (Hall of Terror). A particularly interesting sector, telling about local history. Here you can see the wax characters of the pre-Hispanic era, the missionary period and the present. Next to the figures of Indian chiefs, for example, of Montezuma and Cuauhtemoc, there coexist national heroes of Mexico. In the neighboring space features mannequins representing the legends of film and music. Travelers know Marilyn Monroe, Pedro Infante, Elvis Presley, Lola beltrán, Luis Miguel, Michael Jackson. With each figure, which is the work of local artists, can be photographed.

Notable Hall of Terror, where the shadows are located wax figures of the classic characters of horror: Dracula, Freddy Kreger, a werewolf.

The wax Museum in Tijuana is the second largest among similar museums in the whole of Latin America. He was especially fond of children and adolescents, but adult tourists will also be interesting to visit. They will be able to remind yourself of important characters who played a big role in the history of the Mexican state.