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The Alley Of Kisses

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In the historic centre of Guanajuato, which is under protection of UNESCO, there are approximately 1200 lanes. But the most famous of them is the very steep lane Kisses where always gather crowds to hear the story of tragic love and participate in the traditional attraction.

Local guides assure travelers that the Kissing alley in Guanajuato is the most famous street of Mexico. Two travelers, walking towards each other in this alley will be able to pass, albeit with difficulty. But the distance between the balconies on the houses located on opposite sides of the alley, is only 69 inches. Probably, this circumstance became the basis for the emergence of a beautiful legend about a rich girl and poor Ana miner Carlos, who loved each other but could not meet openly, so coming out to their balconies and kissed right above the alley. Once doing this they found the father of Ana did my daughter's first warning. Ana did not listen to the parent and continued to see Carlos. In one of such meetings, during the kiss his father was stabbed to death by his daughter, whose body fell on the steps at the bottom.

In our time, on one of the balconies you can climb to the heights to see the side street and imagine what it's like to kiss at this altitude. The staircase to the balcony is located in a souvenir shop.

Tourists in the alley of Kisses will participate in specially devised the ceremony. On the third step of the lane guides recommend for happiness in his personal life have to kiss someone. If you have no companion, you can hire for a fee. Do this for the life of the local beauties. You can ignore the custom not to kiss, but then, according to legend, you can expect 7 years bad luck.