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Chichen Itza is one of the largest ancient Mayan cities, located in the North of the Yucatan Peninsula, preserved to our days. The city served as the political and cultural center. The name of the city translated from the aboriginal language means "Mouth of the well Itza tribe".

The tribes of the ancient people lived in the Yucatan for about 8000 years. Chichen Itza became the capital and center of the Maya in the last Millennium of the existence of his people. Powerful, the city became two of fresh drinking water sources.

In the 10th century the city came the invaders - the people of the Toltecs, and made Chichen Itza the main city of the state. A few centuries later, in the early 12th century Yucatan for unknown reasons emptied later, here came the conquerors of Spain, destroyed during the onset of a large part of the heritage of the Maya.

Archaeological excavations

During the excavations there were found architectural monuments, the most interesting of which, of course, represent a pyramid. The main pyramid is considered to be the temple of KUKULCAN. The height of the pyramid, lined with nine stages is 24 meters. If you get here during the spring or autumn equinoxes, you will see how amazing fall on this pyramid the sun's rays. Getting on her stairs, they create an image of seven isosceles triangles that in turn are a strange illusion - the body of a 37-metre snake, which crawls to an image of a snake carved in stone at the first stage.

Archaeologists were surprised by another finding: they found there are 7 fields for ball games. A prototype of the modern football fields. The biggest field was in the length of 135 meters.

Preserved here and the statues of gods, various household items, engraved petroglyphs, and sacred well, whose depth is about 50 meters, it is possible that it was used for ritual sacrifices.

Currently 83 acres of Chichen Itza bought the Mexican government to preserve and protect the city from further destruction. Today it is one of the most visited local attractions. UNESCO recognized the Chichen Itza world heritage site, and in 2007, one of the seven wonders of the world.


  • How to get there: by bus from Merida or Cancun.
  • Opening hours: daily in summer 08.00-18.00 winter 08.00-17.30.
  • Tickets: adults - 220 pesos, children under 13 years stay free of charge. Evening show - 69 pesos.