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Botanical garden Dr. Alfredo Barrera

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Botanical garden Dr. Alfredo Barrera, which is located near the city of Puerto Morelos, was established in 1982. At the moment it is the second largest Botanical Park of Mexico. It represents the last area of primeval forest, located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The main objectives of the Foundation of this Botanical garden was the preservation of plants growing in the region of the Riviera Maya, as well as the application of knowledge of the Maya on the rational use of nature resources. The Botanical garden was named in honor of Dr. Alfredo Barrera - a great scientist who devoted most of his life studying and saving the natural resources of the Indians.

Reserve of 65 hectares is divided into sections where you can see collections of cacti, orchids, ferns, ornamental plants, fruit trees, bromeliads, palms, medicinal plants, i.e. those plants that grow in the Yucatan Peninsula. The route length of 4 km leads through the Botanical gardens past the traditional home of the Maya and camps for tourists to the archaeological area, which can also be visited. In the Botanical garden there are several overhead bridges where rainforest offers a completely different angle than from earth. One of the "highlights" of the protected zone is that there are spider monkeys, which are rare on the Caribbean coast. Monkeys willingly posing for tourists taking funny poses, and do not refuse treats. In addition to the monkeys in the Botanical garden is inhabited by countless birds.

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