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Guadalajara Cathedral

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The Cathedral is near the Plaza de Armas in the historic heart of the city. The full name of the temple - Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin. Guides usually begin or end the story of the city from its walls.

The appearance of the Cathedral are clearly visible several architectural directions; prevailing here are the Renaissance and neo-Gothic.

The construction of the first part of the temple was started in 1541. Then it was the simple building of mud bricks with a roof of reeds. In 1548, when Guadalajara became the centre of the diocese, the city decided to build a worthy temple of the diocese. Built in 1561 the building 13 years later destroyed by fire. By 1618 the old place was ready for a new Cathedral. After the earthquake in 1818 collapsed the dome and the two bell towers. They recovered again, but in 1849 there was another strong earthquake, which destroyed much of the Cathedral.

The towers that flank the facade of the main Church of Guadalajara today, was designed in 1854 by architect Manuel Gomez Ibarra the. Ibarra denied from traditional Baroque and chose common in that era neo-Gothic style. Yellow spires to match the overall architecture of the Plaza de Armas today is considered one of the main landmarks of the city.

The Cathedral is more than 5,600 square meters. Inside it are three chapels and nine altars. From the other cathedrals of Mexico Guadalajara Cathedral interiors, designed in neoclassical style. The Cathedral is beautiful on.