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Merida Cathedral

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The Cathedral of Yucatan, in Merida erected and consecrated in honor of San Ildefonso, that is St. Ildefonso Toledo, head of the Archdiocese of Toledo in the VII century, is considered the first temple, which appeared in mainland America. It is the oldest Cathedral of Mexico, because it is definitely worth seeing during a visit to Merida.

The history of this temple is not as rosy as his present. On construction of the main Cathedral of Merida worked enslaved the Mayans. They were forced to dismantle their own temples, and then from the resulting stones to build the Christian Church. According to the Catholic priests, it was supposed to symbolize the victory of Christianity over the local beliefs. The construction of the Cathedral of San Ildefonso began in 1561 and lasted 37 years. The appearance of the temple resembles a fortified fortress.

Over the past few centuries the Cathedral was reconstructed many times, but restorers managed to preserve the original architectural style, typical buildings of the XVI century. The nave of the Church is ascetic. Walls of white marble deprived of a lush, gilded decorations, typical of other Mexican temples. The Cathedral houses some wooden statues. One of them is located behind the Central altar, and the second installed in the small chapel. Bow to her, thousands of people visit every year. This sculpture is a replica of the Church statues, depicting Jesus Christ. The original sculpture, to the present day is not preserved at the time survived during a fire. Since then, it became known as Annealed Christ. This name was kept and the copy located in the Cathedral of Merida.