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Ecumenical Chapel Of Peace

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Chapelle de La Paz, or in Spanish - chapel of Peace, is considered the hallmark of Acapulco. This modest, low house is situated on top of a mountain, the highest point in the city, so from the chapel a splendid view of the ocean and snow-capped mountains. There is always a lot of tourists, as the Ecumenical chapel of Peace belongs to those landmarks, which recommended to the mandatory visit.

The temple mount has turned the old mansion, built in ancient times. Before our time, he is still in a very good condition. They say that the idea of transforming homes in the chapel came up with the head of a wealthy local family of Troy, who, therefore, wanted to honor the memory of their dead heirs. On the idea of the patron, the temple was intended for believers of all faiths. This tradition is still supported. Many visitors are confused by the huge Christian cross in front of the temple. This religious symbol here performs the function of a kind of talisman. They say that he protects all who went to sea. There is also a belief on which the 40-metre-high crucifix is the protector of the Acapulco from all misfortunes.

The chapel was open to the public not so long ago - in 1971. In this temple there are no lights, so evening and night of worship here.

In front of the chapel you can see another strange monument, which was created by the master of Claude Favier. It consists of two hands folded in a prayerful gesture. This is another symbol of the worship of God to everyone, regardless of religion. The monument was installed in 1972. Next to him is love to be photographed by tourists.