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Archaeological zone Atzompa

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Archaeological zone Atzompa located near a large Indian settlement of Monte Alban was first investigated 30 years of the last century by archaeologist Jorge Acosta and his assistants. Further study of this settlement showed that Acampo could be called a suburb of Monte Alban, not an independent city. It is believed that Atzompa was founded by the Indians of Monte Alban in the period between 650 and 850 years. This city was founded on the Northern border of the valley of Oaxaca is on a high hill, from whence we viewed the strategically important road linking Monte albán with the neighboring valley of ETLA, residents who pay local Indians zapotecan dues, and Mistek region, inhabited by warlike tribes, warring with the inhabitants of Monte Alban.

Near the settlement Atzompa you can see the quarries where they extracted the stones for the construction of many houses in the satellite cities of Monte Alban and in the capital region. This building material was used for the construction of the late period at Monte Albán. Atzompa in those days was considered a town where you can escape from the stuffy, crowded "metropolis." So here lived mostly wealthy families from Monte Alban, which could afford a kind of "giving". These buildings of palatial sun terraces and balconies. In addition to the palaces, here you can find a field for ball games, temples for various rituals, granaries for food storage.

18 Sep 2012 Atzompa archaeological zone was opened to the public.