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Cathedral of the virgin Mary Asuncion

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The main Cathedral of the diocese of Veracruz consecrated in honor of assumption of mother of God. Locals call it the Church of our lady of Asuncion. This majestic Cathedral is one of its facade facing the street, Mario Molina, and others - on the Central square of the city, called the Zocalo. The status of a Cathedral temple has received since the establishment of the local diocese in 1963.

The construction of this temple began in the early seventeenth century and lasted until 1731, which is the date of the appearance of the Cathedral in the Old town of Veracruz. In the early nineteenth century it was modernized. Right from the entrance of the Church is decorated with a tall tower with a small dome, which was built in the early XX century.

Five-naval Cathedral as a result of several reconstructions were decorated in the neoclassical manner. It is crowned by an octagonal dome. The main entrance to the temple are arched shape. It is framed side columns supporting cornice. Facade of the Cathedral is decorated with several medallions in stucco, large Windows and a image of the mother of God - patroness of the temple.

The interior of the Cathedral is not showy. At first the plan put forward here luxurious crystal chandeliers varieties of baccarat and the main altar. They are located directly opposite the entrance. These items local Church received a gift from Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Cathedral of the virgin Mary Asuncion has several chapels dedicated to saints row.

From 2008 to 2013 the Cathedral of Veracruz was closed for renovation. His facades were returned to white. Conservators also restored the dome.

Currently the Cathedral of the assumption of Mary is open to all.