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Lighthouse Commerce

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One of the main symbols of Mexican Monterrey is a beacon of Commerce, built in the heart of the city on the main square. This structure, which is a tall, almost flat rectangular shaped building was designed by two distinguished Mexican architects Luis Barragan, who until his death denied his involvement in this work, and Raul Ferrara.

Grand opening of the lighthouse took place in 1984 during the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the local chamber of Commerce. Lighthouse Commerce had become the embodiment of the economic genius of the city. However, gradually it became one of the most interesting tourist object of Monterrey. Now none of the local Central square is not complete without ascending to a height of 69.8 meters of the lighthouse - the tallest building of the city and all over Mexico. The width of the building is of 12.33 meters. The facade of the building is painted in red color, as originally planned by its creators, and orange, which also looks decent.

The building of the lighthouse Commerce at anytime of day, but particularly impressive it looks at night when the light turns green floodlight on top that can be seen from different parts of the city. Initially it was planned to install the monument floodlight three different colors, but this idea was never implemented. Now a beacon of Commerce shines in the night a lonely travelers wandering the town green. The beam is not static: the spotlight is constantly rotated in different directions.