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Postal Palace Of Mexico City

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Postal Palace of Mexico city is not only a valid post office of Mexico, but also amazing in its decoration of the Palace of the early XX century. It is the historic center of the capital, near the Palace of fine arts. The postal Palace was built in the early twentieth century, when it was considered an architectural novelty. In 1985 an earthquake occurred, which resulted in the building affected. The restorers started to finish only the 1990-ies.

The building was designed by order of the Porphyry Diaz - President and the Mexican dictator. He did not like people, but it was on his initiative, the city began the construction of many luxurious buildings of the capital. First head office of post office was located at the Presidential Palace, and later in a small building of the Mint. The Palace mail moved only in 1907. Here today, except for correspondence, on the fourth floor is a Museum of Maritime history.

Palacio de Correos, that's the name of the Palace in Spanish, was created by Adamo Bovary, the famous Italian architect. The materials used for decoration, and, incidentally, imported from Italy, dominated by metal, glass, marble and, of course, gold. Time has no power no walls, no window bars, no on the marble stairs for all time of its existence, they demanded the restoration just after the earthquake. But the post office is valid, and it in his steps and corridors is more than a dozen people.

On the ground floor attracted the attention of visitors an amazing picture. From afar she looks like a large canvas, painted with oil paints. But when you get closer, you will realize that it is a huge mosaic made of stamps.