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Waterfall Basaseachi

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On many travel websites and in guidebooks for Mexico can be found mention of the fact that the waterfall Basaseachi located in the vicinity of the town of Creel, is the highest waterfall in Mexico. This is outdated information, because after the detection of the waterfall Piedra Volada the palm has passed to him. Basaseachi but the waterfall does not dry up in the hot time of the year as the cascade of Piedra Volada, so they can enjoy all year round. The biggest impression it produces in the rainy season. Then, large amounts of water raining down from the ledge with a height of 246 meters. Waterfall Basaseachi, down from a great height, was one of the reasons for the formation of the canyon, Kandala. The easiest way to reach the falls on foot from the village Basaseachi. It's a journey we can recommend a hardy people, as the waterfall is 3 km from the village.

Basaseachi waterfall is the main attraction of the region, so national nature reserve, in whose territory it is located, was named after him. In 1981, the waterfall and the surrounding area of 498 sq. km. has received the status of protected. A few dozen kilometers from this waterfall there is a small height of only 20 meters, the Cusarare cascade, which is also popular among travelers.

National Park "Waterfall Basaseachi" it is surprising a large number of plant species that can be spotted here. Basically, it is the coniferous and deciduous trees, good tolerance to low temperature. The fauna of the Park are the small mammals, e.g., raccoons, antelopes, foxes, etc.