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The Promenade In La Paz

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The longest promenade of Mexico is a boardwalk Alvaro Obregon in La Paz, which stretches for 5 km along the surf line. Numerous tourists strolling along the waterfront and taking pictures of its landmarks, constantly distracted, paying attention to the sea, which is dotted with different colored ships. Here you can see the luxurious ocean yachts with flags of different countries of the world, light sailing boats modest fishing boats. It seems that the latter is just floating on the waves, but it is not. Local people catch fish to sell it in the markets and thus to feed his family.

At dawn of the waterfront as a treadmill used by athletes. Jogging is the most popular sport among residents and visitors of the city of La Paz. A little later opened many cafes that put their tables right on the waterfront. You can get, for example, in the restaurant "terrace de La Perla" with views of the promenade and the Bay. This is a very popular place among local ladies.

The waterfront in La Paz is a place where people come to show themselves and for others to see. She padded across the sandy beaches where you can roll to swim in the sea. In front of one of the piers is a Park of Friendship is a cozy place with benches and a kiosk that sells beverages and ice cream.

Several Mexican artists (Juan Soriano, Octavio Gonzalez, Rocio Sanchez) have adorned the town's main promenade with its works of art. Particularly noteworthy is the bronze sculpture "Pearl", "the old Man and the sea" and "whale".