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Island national Park Marietas

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A few dozen kilometers from the famous resort of Puerta Vallarta are island Marietas formed as a result of numerous volcanic eruptions many hundreds of years ago. These secluded corners of nature, which deservedly received in the local press, the status of "Bird Paradise", in the middle of last century was not so peaceful and cozy. The Mexican government here conducted the trials of war that destroyed the ecosystem of the Islands and changed their landscape. Public outrage has already drawn attention to the systematic destruction of several Islands in the Banderas Bay, which served as nesting grounds for some bird species. But only with the intervention of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous oceanographer and Explorer of the underwater depths, and allowed to stop those criminal acts of the government of Mexico. In 2005, the island Marietas was named a national Park.

Thousands of tourists come here every year on pleasure boats to observe the local birds. Here you can see the representatives of the 92 species of birds. Some live here permanently, others gain strength for further flight. On the Islands of Marietas a lot of seagulls. Probably, a number of these birds you will not find on any island in the Pacific ocean. Also there is a population of about 3.5 thousand penguins.

The most interesting local tourist attraction is the observation of humpback whales. However, this seasonal pastime, it is available from mid-December to late March.

On one of the Islands national Park is a unique beach, hidden from prying eyes. It is located in a cave with a partially collapsed roof. You can reach it only by water, passing through a small tunnel. This place is popular with snorkellers.