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Fort San Diego

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Fort San Diego was built in the early seventeenth century and served as protection from Spanish merchant ships. The construction lasted for two years from 1615 1617 for years. In the role of the steadfast stronghold, the Fort lasted until the XIX century. In our time, it detailed repairs, the national Institute of anthropology and history.

The Fort represents in terms of the huge pentagonal star. The project was completed Adrian booth, who successfully built the Fort San Juan de Ulúa in Veracruz. Here in Europe went Laden Galleons.

Jose Maria Morelos, a leader of the war of independence, captured the Fort in 1813. That is when he said his famous phrase "long live Spain, sister, not lady of America!".

In 50-ies of the eighteenth century Fort San Diego was hit hard by the earthquake. After the buildings were renovated, engineering and architectural features were retained, however. Today it is the oldest architectural structure on the territory of Acapulco.

Today it houses the municipal historical Museum of Acapulco. Among the exhibits - household items, jewelry, telling about the life of local aboriginal people who lived here before the Spanish era. In addition, you can see a collection of documents that testify to the trade relations with Asia, as well as various weapons with which to defend the Fort. The largest exhibit, of course, is the Spanish Galleon of the eighteenth century. This giant with a displacement of more than two thousand tons were equipped with various defensive devices.

Today, Fort San Diego is one of the main attractions of Acapulco, attracting tourists from around the world.