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The Zoo Of Puerto Vallarta

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The area of Puerto Vallarta called Mismaloya is famous not only for its beautiful beaches, which closely adjoin the rainforest, but also a wonderful zoo that will appeal to both children and adults. The zoo is located in the valley between the river and the mountains that create a backdrop for the most important entertainment and educational walks between enclosures with the animals. By the way, the local zoo is different from similar establishments the fact that the cage allowed to approach the local creatures you can pet and even feed special treats, which are sold immediately.

The motto of the zoo is the phrase: "Feel the magic of the jungle." Half of the animals presented here lives in the forests of Mexico, so when visiting the zoo Pueblo Vallarta, you have the opportunity to see the fauna of the region. The zoo is surrounded by a jungle of lush vegetation that are home to 400 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. All you will find them in the zoo of Puerto Vallarta. Jaguars, pumas, coyotes, ocelots, iguanas, crocodiles - all of these inhabitants can be found in the wild. However, the stars of the zoo are considered exotic, the majestic white tigers, elegant flamingos, funny monkeys, mysterious Panthers.

At the zoo's restaurant, where you can sit with the whole family. Here is also for sale takeaway - chicken wings, hamburgers, burritos, tacos and the like. Soon the organizers of the zoo is planned to open there is a water Park and amusement Park that will provide an even greater influx of tourists.