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The journey to the village Yelapa, which is located South of Puerto Vallarta, it may be advisable for those seeking at least for a few hours escape from the bustle of modern life. To Yelapa can only be reached by sea on a pleasure boat. It is so isolated from the world like some tropical island in the Pacific ocean, where there is no cellular communication, Internet, cars and other benefits of civilization. Many creative people dream about such area. Some of them were lucky enough to discover. For example, Bob Dylan believes Yelapa the best place on Earth.

A picturesque village consisting of a single street, with one side protected by impenetrable jungle and mountains, and the waters of Banderas Bay. Come here for the beautiful beaches, Hiking to beautiful waterfalls, exploring the rainforest. Experts argue that for exploring all the local attractions are not enough for the day. So it makes sense to return here.

Locals to attract tourists organize extreme tours fishing with kayak, horse riding and paragliding. Those who wish a more relaxing holiday, maybe a walk around the village and into one of the local shops to choose Souvenirs of manual work.

On the beach, under the palm trees of the village are several restaurants that offer delicacies from the sea. They should drink rasiley (local vodka) or the local liqueur made from agave. All dishes cooked according to family recipes of local residents, who thus decided to earn some money.