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Museum of Mexican medicine in the Palace of the Inquisition

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The Palace of the Inquisition is located on crossing of streets of Republic of Brazil and the Republic of Venezuela, in the middle of Mexico city. Because of the bad historical glory Palace was not easy to use as the administrative building of any organizations. A short time there existed the School of Medicine of the National University. In the 1950s the school moved to the campus, and it was decided to open a Museum of Mexican Medicine.

The Palace was built in the 18th century, but in 1820 the Inquisition in the country was officially banned. The building was reconstructed in the 70-ies of the last century. At the Palace there are two features that distinguish it from neighboring buildings. The main portal of the building cut off on the idea of the architect this was done in order, so you can see Plaza Santo Domingo, and two streets, the intersection of which stands the Palace, would lead to his door. The second feature is the patio, the arches of which are in the corners not supported with columns, and if hanging in the air. In fact, the arches are held by means of poles attached to the walls.

Now the building is owned by the University of Mexico and is a Museum of Medicine. It was opened on 22 December 1980. The Museum consists of 24 rooms, the Museum exhibits tell about the history of Mexican medicine from pre-Hispanic times to the 20th century. The Museum has several exhibitions, for example, one of them dedicated to local herbal medicine, and other ancient medical equipment, there is also an exhibition on the development of diseases and pathologies of man, it includes a collection of wax figures, which were exhibited to demonstrate to novice physicians. Some of the exhibits can really shock the visitors.