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Constitution Square

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Constitution square, or as it is called by Mexicans, Zocalo is the historic heart of Mexico city. The first stone of the square was founded by hernán cortés in 1520. It is composed of the ruins of temples and palaces of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. He was on a small island in the center of the lake. The buildings eventually collapsed because of the swampy terrain. In place of this city is now Mexico city.

On the site of the Aztec Palace is now the national Palace is on the East side of Constitution square. The Palace was once the residence of the Viceroy of Spain. Now here is the office of the President and the entire administration. In the building there is a Museum devoted to the biography of Benito Juarez. Inside the walls of the Palace painted pictures on historical themes, the author is Diego Rivera.

Also on the square stands the Cathedral, which is recognized as the oldest Christian building on the territory of all America. There was once an altar, where he kept the remains of sacrifices to the gods. Construction of the Cathedral lasted until 1813, a period of thirty years.

To the East of the Cathedral are the ruins of the main temple of the Aztecs. Most of the buildings have been restored. During the restoration, here were found many artifacts and household items of ancient people, which have joined the collection of the local Museum.

Going from the square the Central streets of the capital, along which are the old colonial mansions. In the center is a flagpole with the flag of Mexico. September 15, the Day of Mexican Independence on Constitution square is the main part of the celebration.