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Promenade Santa Lucia

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Promenade Santa Lucia running along the eponymous artificial channel flowing right in the center of Monterrey. The channel that was created in the image of the river Riverwalk Texas San Antonio, was opened on 15 September 2007 in the presence of President Felipe calderón Hinojosa, Governor of the state of Nuevo Leon, josé gonzález Natividad paras and the mayor of Monterrey, Adalberto Madero. Currently, the canal Santa Lucia is the longest artificial river in Latin America. Its length is 2.5 km away.

The channel of Santa Lucia lies along the old course of the river, which on 20 September 1596 settled 13 families who came from Spain. The city itself was founded a few decades earlier, but were abandoned because of frequent attacks by militant Indians. Immigrants brought to the site of an abandoned colony, don Diego de Montemayor. Since that time, the city was no longer abandoned and has been increasing rapidly.

Along the canal enjoy a walking path with lamps and comfortable benches. The promenade, which connects the Fundidora Park with Macroplaza, famous for its 24 fountains and several sculptures. This pedestrian area is a favorite place for walking locals.

The construction of the channel, and the boardwalk around it began in 1996. At first, the artificial river was small. Only 9 years later, it was expanded. Work to increase channel lasted two years. The project of reconstruction of the canal and the zone, which is adjacent, included the organization of green spaces, construction of new trading platforms and create a comfortable pedestrian sidewalks.

The channel of Santa Lucia you can go on a boat trip.