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Blue cenote

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4 km South from the centre of Bacalar is a beautiful Blue cenote. It can be reached by road along the shores of the Bacalar Lagoon or drive on highway 307. Cenote with a diameter of 100 meters and surrounded by dense thickets, which uninitiated people who believe that they are in the middle of a rainforest, can be misleading. In fact, from the Bacalar Lagoon cenote is separated by a strip width of only a few meters.

The name of the cenote is quite appropriate. It has a rich dark blue color, due to a large depth (90 m) of the reservoir-well. Despite the fact that bathing in it might be unsafe, it is as if a magnet attracts snorkellers. At the edge of the cenote the water is a complex maze of roots and trunks of trees, so without special training and confidence in their abilities then it is better not to dive. Although the locals claim that with a shallow dipping (12 to 18 meters) will handle even a beginner. By the way, many divers come here not just to slowly explore the far corners of the pond.

If you are not tempted by the opportunity to dive to great depths, at the surface of the water of the cenote are allowed to paddle a kayak or canoe. Rent a boat here, a few steps from the sacred well of the Maya.

On the shore is a restaurant called "Blue cenote" which is famous for seafood and meat of wild animals. Visitors in this place is always full, as after active sports all strive to maintain your body wholesome lunch.