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Biosphere reserve sian ka'an

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Biosphere reserve sian ka'an is almost one third of Mexico's Caribbean coast - 5280 square kilometers. With the Spanish name of this place translates as "where the sky begins". Once here, you will find yourself among evergreen palm and mangrove forests, dense thickets of shrubs and sand dunes.

Sian ka'an occupies a place of honor in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. This island Paradise is one of the most attractive places for tourists. A tour of the huge Ecopark lasts about 10 hours. It can be walking, on a motor boat. Usually, tourists choose the second option, so you will save power, faster will see less interesting sights and you can stop where you wish. For lovers of extreme sports has kayak rentals. During one of the stops you will be asked to swim in the clear water among the mangroves.

The flora and fauna of the reserve is very diverse: more than 300 species of birds, turtles, manatees and even the predatory crocodiles inhabit the area in the sian ka'an.

But the main attraction that attracts tourists is the village where to this day lives a tribe who call themselves direct descendants of the Maya. The path here is open, you can plunge into their life, get to know their culture, cuisine, traditions. In addition, you will visit ancient Mayan ruins.