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The ancient city of Mitla

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Mitla is an ancient city in the East of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The actual name of the city is Nahuatl Mictlan, which translates as "place of the dead."

Mitla is a city-state Indian people of the Zapotec. In its heyday, and it is 7-8 century BC, the city was inhabited by about 10 thousand people. It is a place of ancient settlement of the Aztecs, Yoo-pam, the existence of which is evidenced by the four Palace temple and two pyramids.

When the Spaniards came to Mexico, and with them came Christianity. Sacred places of the city were destroyed, and from its ruins was built the Church of San Pablo. Its red domes and to this day victoriously towering over the other buildings. Many of the buildings of Mitla is possible to find characteristic geometric mosaic patterns covering almost all the walls. This ornament is found only here. One of the most interesting buildings - the Palace of the Supreme ruler — a complex architectural structure, something similar to a maze, keeping its four-metre columns carved from solid stone.

Today the town is an archaeological zone. Many tourists say that the city fascinates with its mysticism that being here, the person experiences a kind of trance.

On the ancient place of refuge Mexican ancestors found many household items: dishes made of ceramics, funerary urns and ornaments from precious metals and stones. Excavations at the site of the Mitla does not stop in our time.