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Copper canyon

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One of the tourist attractions offered to travelers in Creel, considered a visit to the Copper canyon, which is also called the gorge. It can be reached via a Hiking trail running from the arareco lake and you can see it from the Windows of the train, next to the desert of Chihuahua. For a few minutes the driver stops the part directly over the gorge to tourists managed to make stunning images. Also to the Copper canyon rides the special bus. Finally, thrill seekers will relish the opportunity to fly over the canyon by helicopter.

Copper canyon is located in the eponymous national Park and is considered one of the most beautiful in Mexico. Its name he received because of the color of their slopes, which are overgrown with moss green. The Spaniards arrived in the New world, saw them from a height and decided that stumbled upon the copper Deposit. The depth of the canyon reaches 1.5 km and Therefore not surprising that the ecosystems within the canyon and above the canyon vary. At the bottom of the canyon you can find the jungle, where it never snows. Above the gorge the winters are quite harsh. Due to such temperature changes, the Copper canyon is famous for its great variety of flora and fauna. In its vicinity dwell as mammals, including large, for example, bears and wolves, and various birds. Ornithologists come here to observe the 290 species of birds. Wildlife lovers will be able to see the Copper canyon area more than 3 thousand plants.

Journey to the Copper canyon will be remembered and will be one of the strongest impressions of the visit to Mexico.