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The Museum of tequila and Mariachi

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One of the recently opened museums dedicated to the Tijuana tequila and Mariachi. It would seem, what relation has the popular Mexican drink to the fiery folk music Mariachi? The most direct! In the bars of the country a rare tequila tasting takes place without performances of musicians playing cheerful folk melodies. Therefore, the merger of these national symbols of Mexico under one roof is quite logical!

The founders of the Museum of tequila and Mariachi was made by a group of businessmen from Guadalajara, the city that is the capital of the state of Jalisco - birthplace of music Mariachi. Local Museum with an extensive and informative collection of items telling about the emergence and spread of popular Mexican musical genre and how the production of tequila, can be called a branch of a similar institution in Guadalajara.

In glass cases demonstrates the colorful period costumes of Mexican musicians, their instruments, and recordings of top performers Mariachi, documents, posters that tell the history of folk melodies. A song you can listen to imagine what was going on. However, the visitors are more like part of the exhibition related to the peculiarities of the cultivation of agave and tequila. The Museum also contains a tasting room where you can try different types of this beverage from the agave plant.

The Museum of tequila and Mariachi souvenir shop, which sold the discs of Mexican folk music, several types of tequila in convenient containers and more.