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The Museum of tequila and mezcal

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Among the many museums of Mexico city's Museum of tequila and mezcal occupies a special niche, opening tourists native national traditions. The Museum is part of a larger project to rescue the historic center of Mexico city, attracting tourists and providing new jobs.

The Museum of tequila and mezcal is located in the center of Mexico in Piazza Garibaldi, in a beautiful building, the translucent facade of which is decorated with patterns of leaves of the agave. Drink from this plant is so popular with tourists that it began to organize a special tequila tours, called the "Tequila Express" or "Ruta de Tequila".

Connoisseurs of Mexican beverages will be impressed by visiting the Museum of tequila and mezcal. His collection consists of more than 300 bottles of mezcal and tequila, and you won't find any similar - they all vary in appearance, shape, color and taste of the contents, to distinguish which can only a real foodie. The oldest local instance of about 200 years.

Here you will learn not only about the history and about the process of creating drinks, but try them if you are 18 years of age.

The Museum is located in three halls. In the first you show videos about the cultivation of agave, the second will talk about the process of making tequila and mezcal. The third room is a bar where you will certainly be offered to taste tequila and mezcal. You can eat, the Museum has a Mexican restaurant. Buy drinks and Souvenirs on the ground floor of the Museum in the shop for tourists.

The Museum often hosts various concerts, exhibitions and presentations.