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National Park El Veladero

Photos and description

National Park El Veladero is located to the South of the state of Guerrero, in the state of Acapulco. National Park status he received in 1980. His area of 3160 hectares includes the area of the Acapulco Bay. The Park is a striking section of land, surrounded by mountains. Under the protection of ecologists there are many representatives of flora and fauna.

The national Park is full of granite rocks of various sizes, the slopes of which were found ancient cave paintings, images of people and animals, geometric shapes and calendar entries. Local archaeological excavations are considered the largest in Mexico.

Some researchers attribute the archaeological excavations and drawings of the period from 200 BC to 600 ad. One of the most interesting archaeological sites located at an altitude of 900 m, to it is a rocky trail. To avoid vandalism and looting, this site is under the special protection of the National Institute of anthropology and history. The road to the ancient sights takes at least about two hours. Tourists give the booklets below for a description of each rock element. It is important to have a good physical form, because from the very beginning of the campaign the terrain is rocky and the road goes uphill. Better stock up on water and a light snack.

The mountain is mostly covered in dense jungle. The Park is home to a very large number of birds. The most interesting local species - white-tailed - a real predator, is representative of the hawk family.

The fauna of the Park El Veladero represented by small animals such as rabbits, shrews, skunks, rabbits, and occasionally manage to meet in the Park a coyote or a deer. There are a lot of snakes and iguanas. The local Boas reach a length of four meters.