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Park Papagayo

Photos and description

Papagayo Park is located in the heart of the Dorada Zone. This is one of the largest protected areas in southern Mexico. Its territory, with an area of 218 thousand square kilometres, stretching to the shores of Playa Hornos. Its second name was Parque Ignacio Manuel Altamirano.

There are a lot of entertainment not only for children but also for adults. The Park is a model of a Spanish Galleon in its full size and copy of the spaceship "Columbia", as well as plenty of marine flora and fauna. Ring road, with a length of just less than a mile, is a good place for walks, during which you can look at Botanical gardens, to visit the Observatory and the local water Park. For kids interesting entertainment will be a trip in the Park on a kiddie train. For active tourists and guests of the Park there are sports and recreation areas, among which even a small ice rink. The Park abounds with restaurants and cafes where you can dine and relax. The Park has its own library.

On the area of Papagayo, there are several small buildings, three artificial reservoirs, hundreds of different types of exotic plants and trees. Among the rare birds in the Park you can meet egrets, toucans, flamingos and, of course, the main inhabitants of parrots, the abundance of which gave the name to the Park. Just more than two thousand of rare birds. For visiting specialists, ecologists and biologists have created conditions similar to those which birds live in their natural environment.

At Papagayo there are several monuments. They were erected in honor of the Mexican composers and presidents.

To get into the Park at any time, only need to note that the main entrance closes at 20.00.