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Artisan town of Tonala, a 30-minute drive from the state capital of Jalisco Guadalajara is popular with tourists and locals. It is home to approximately 300 thousand people, so to call it a village, as some guides would be wrong. Tonala is known as a craft centre, where there are hundreds of various workshops and stores. Interestingly, this reputation tonaly was before the arrival in the New world the Spaniards. Approximately 50% of all craft potters is producing famous pottery. Their products are sold everywhere: pottery from Tonala can be found in Guadalajara and in Mexico city.

Every week on Thursday and Sunday the town is transformed, turning into a huge fair under the open sky. On portable tables you can see figurines of wood and glass; articles of Cantera volcanic stone is the main construction material of the past centuries in Guadalajara; candlesticks, locks, stands for flowers, decorations, created by local blacksmiths from iron masks, street lamps, wicker baskets, knitwear and much more that can be a great souvenir and will remind you of faraway Mexico.

Every traveler caught in Tonale can go to any shop and watch the work of a blacksmith, Potter, etc. Some creative Studio offer workshops, which in a few hours you can learn how to blow a Christmas ball of fine glass or spin bread from the vine.

There are in Tonala and Museum, whose collection is dedicated to local crafts and art. It was opened in 2013. The main temple of the city is one of the oldest churches in the valley Atemajac dedicated to the Saint in Santiago. It was built in the XVI century.