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La Valenciana Mine

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As you know, the city of Guanajuato was built on top of mining shafts. The workers who worked on them, sought to stay as close as possible to their place of work. After some time, the rapidly growing city was named after the most famous mines. The owners of these companies, in an effort to improve the neighborhood, erected churches, which are now operating and part of the city's attractions. Many mines in our days are not used, however, for tourism development opened to the public.

The most interesting mine of Guanajuato is considered the mine of La Valenciana. This vast complex was built in 1774 for the development of silver deposits. It was used until the XIX century. La Valenciana mine was very productive. About old times reminiscent of stories of guides and old failures that lead to the middle of the mountains. Mine is now in effect. Here produce small amounts of various metals, including gold.

Tourists can visit one of the faces to a depth of 60 meters. Dim lamps light up under the arches of low tunnels in which the miners of yesteryear had to work. Here you can see the tools and equipment of the miners.

In addition to the mine, tourists have the opportunity to visit the Church of San Gaetano, which the locals called the temple of La Valenciana. According to urban legend, the mine owner made a vow to God to build a chapel if ore reserves prove to be worthy. Mine quickly began to make a profit, so instead of a small temple, there appeared the impressive Church.