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Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

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Impressions from a trip to Merida would be incomplete if not to visit the picturesque Hacienda Sotuta de Peon, located in the vicinity of the city. Picturesque estate, which usually take tourists on a cart drawn by mules, stylized under the Hacienda of the XIX century. His owner tried to recreate the life of Mexican farmers the century before last, which he successfully managed. A local travel Agency called Hacienda de Peon Setout not only as a Museum under the open sky. At Hacienda you can stay for a few days, and can only come for a short tour. Here, as many years ago, grown and processed without the use of complex mechanical assemblies Heineken - a special type of agave plant fibers that are used for the production of fabrics and cords. Hacienda employees conduct a tour of their extensive plantations, talking about how to care for the prickly agaves. There is going to 10-15 tons of raw materials every month.

In addition to the fields of agave, you can see the Hacienda itself. In the houses belonging to workers of the estate, the furnishings of the nineteenth century. On the territory of the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon is characteristic of the Peninsula Yucatan lake called sentai and is one of the local attractions. It was formed as a result of the failure of the soil. Moya believed the cenotes, sacred wells, and modern tourists never miss a chance to swim. Swimming in a cenote is considered one of the attractions offered by haciendas. Finally, the house has the homely restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine.