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Indian city of Cholula

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Many travel agencies offer a day trip to the small town of Cholula, which is considered a suburb of Puebla. Here is the little volcano geyser Ascomata, in the mouth of which it is possible to descend the stairs. In addition, Cholula is an ancient Indian city of the same name. Its main attraction is a large pyramid - the largest in Mexico. In the past it was the temple of the God Quetzalcoatl. Praising his deity, the Toltecs tried to make a pyramid of the maximum majestic and massive. They built a building height of 63 meters. The area of its base is equal to 250 thousand meters.

The construction of the great pyramids near Puebla began in the III century BC and lasted for a long period of time. Its construction was engaged in different Indian tribes, successive in this area. Architects of the Aztec, the Toltec and other peoples have made their changes to the original plan.

The Spaniards who came to Cholula, behaved with the owners of the aggressive and, in spite of the gifts received, killed 6 thousand people. After the conquistadors came here the representatives of the various religious orders, who considered his mission to instruct on the right path the erring Gentiles. So, on top of the great pyramid of Cholula in 1666 was built a Christian Church, which was to become the symbol of the victory over paganism.

The abandoned city of Cholula, hidden under a layer of earth, found only in the early XX century. Heavy rains vinyavskiy the soil, allowed to see the stone steps of the Indian buildings. Immediately began the study of the discovered city. Cholula is now open to tourists.