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The Cascades Of Agua Azul

Photos and description

The cascades of Agua Azul are located about sixty kilometers from Palenque. The waterfall is inside a National Park, the entrance to which is paid.

The name cascades is translated as "blue water". Local water really has an intense blue color and are rich in magnesium salts and other chlorides, which come from supply sources flowing through rocky terrain. Especially the rich color falls becomes spring, the end of the rainy season. From may to September here poured abundant rains, and the water at this time becomes turbid and acquires a yellow tint.

Agua Azul is a series of several waterfalls flowing over one kilometer. The highest waterfall is 6 meters. The biggest and most beautiful waterfalls you will see almost at the entrance to the Park. Some of them is the observation deck.

Almost every waterfall has a small pool where you can swim. For sailing the only one place - the base of the cascade, due to the fact that there are too strong for. Recently there was built a pool for swimming tourists - "Agua Clara", which translates as "pure water". Parallel to the waterway in the forest there is a wooden trail with the ladders on which you can walk. Along the way you will find many shops with Souvenirs. Above the highest waterfall there is a big Playground where we stop those who came here by car.

Forming a water chain with a length of about a kilometer, Agua Azul falls into the broad river Cumula.