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Cathedral Of The Dormition

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Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary Catholic Church, located in the Central part of Mexico at the top of the hill on the North side of Constitution square.

The first Foundation stone was laid by the great Conquistador hernán cortés in 1524. But soon the dimensions of the Church ceased with the grandeur of the main city of the New Spain. Where was built the same Church, now the North-Eastern wing of the Cathedral. In 1544 the Church is changing again because of its "newlifestyles". King Philip II of Spain decides to create more Regal Cathedral. Emperor of Mexico Maximilian of Hapsburg and Empress Charlotte, the Belgian was crowned in this Cathedral.

In 1962, a fire occurred which destroyed a large part of the rich decoration of the Cathedral. During the restoration discovered historical documents and art objects. It is noteworthy that the Cathedral was never far from the political life of the country. In 2008, the Cathedral bell tower did not stop throughout the session of the Supreme court of Mexico on the issue of legalizing abortion, thus expressing the protest of the congregation.

The arches and pillars of the temple decorated with ivory, mother of pearl and gold. Among all the altars, there is a special Altar for Forgiveness with figures of saints and angels. The Royal chapel also impresses with its splendor. As any ancient Cathedral, where there is an underground crypt, where are buried the bishops of Mexico in tombs Dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.

In view of its massiveness, the Church settles. For a long time he was in the number of monuments at risk of collapse. But in 2000 during the reconstruction the architects have assured that the Church will stand, not as she staggered about fifty years.