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Almost on the border with Belize, 65 km from Chetumal, is abandoned by the Maya the great city of Kohunlich, which is significantly different from other Indian settlements in the territory of Mexico. Kohunlich is surrounded by humid tropical forests. The majestic pyramid overgrown with dark green moss, which makes it even more dark and abandoned. The name Kohunlich gave the city not Indians, but Europeans. This distorted English phrase - "pass cohoon". The Mayans called this place, Subchain.

Despite the fact that the Kohunlich ruins rarely visited by tourists, many buildings are closed to the public, as still awaiting study by archaeologists. In order to avoid accidents it is also forbidden to go down to the basement, a climb to the top floors of the temples and close to the main treasure of the ancient six giant masks on the walls of the Pyramid of the Masks. It is dedicated to the Sun God.

Kohunlich was a great and perfectly planned city. Here were residential buildings, churches, fortifications, sites for ball games, the palaces of local nobility, big square. The Indians have also created a lasting guttering and storage tanks for water. Although the city was founded in 200 BC, many of his most famous buildings were built in the period between 250 and 600 ad Kohunlich was located in a strategically important place, after it followed the trade caravan to Guatemala and Belize. However, in the year 1000 ad, something happened and 10 thousand people it was inhabited, have left their homes. Until 1912 the ruins, overgrown with climbing plants, that no one bothered. Found Kohunlich resident of the United States Raymond Mervyn. Since then, study the abandoned city continues.