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Just 30 metres from the border with the United States of America near the popular beach of Tijuana is a huge building of the Bullring, called the Plaza monumental. This arena is reminiscent of his design modern tiny rounded stadium with a capacity of 21621 audience. The most interesting battles that demonstrate the confrontation between man and animal, occur in August and October. They collect thousands of fans who support their favorites-bullfighters.

Bullring has for several decades been one of the symbols of Tijuana. Apart of bullfighting, there are concerts, Boxing matches and other interesting events. That is, the arena is not always used as intended.

Of course, many tourists want to go to a real Mexican bullfight. For this it is best to buy a ticket at one of 40 private balconies, each of which can hold 6 people. One event, involving three of the Matador and two bulls, can last three hours.

Even if in many ways not satisfied with bullfighting, there is a chance at least to see the arena, which is offered in the style of postmodernism. It needs to negotiate with the guards. The arena complex consists of the hospital where delivered wounded bullfighters, slaughterhouses, restaurants and bars where you can drink a shot of tequila in between fights. And definitely take a tour of the arena during a bullfight. Usually fights are held in the afternoon. A visit can be combined with relaxing on the nearby beach.