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The archaeological area of the Canton

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90 km from Puebla is known for the archaeological area of the Canton, which is almost not mentioned in the guidebooks, which is a big omission on their part. Canton is a huge Indian city, which was once home to a little less than a hundred thousand people. At the moment you can see only 10% of its territory, and according to some, and generally only 1%. Everything else is hidden under a layer of earth and are still waiting to be explored.

Canton, founded in the late pre-classical period, became one of the most important centers of the region immediately after the loss of Teotihuacan the status of the main city. This city controlled the resources of the Sierra Madre mountains, so it was considered quite a wealthy settlement. In its heyday, which peaked in 600-1000 years BC, there was built many pyramids and 24 extensive areas for ball games, which greatly exceeded the number of similar fields in other Indian cities. Main street the Cantons stretched more than a block. Many buildings constructed by the Cantons with the help of unusual for pre-Columbian America technology - without the use of a binder solution. That is the stone blocks just laid on top of each other.

Currently available for inspection the remains of the fortified Fort, Acropolis, the ruins of some dwellings, fields for ball games, low pyramids that you can climb.

To get to the Cantons easiest from Puebla by bus to the Oriental. There is need to change taxis which will take you to the ruins of the Cantons.