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Laguna Bacalar

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A huge freshwater lake called Laguna Bacalar is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, about 40 km to the North of the state capital Chetumal. The lake received its name in honor located on the shores of Bacalar, the oldest settlement of Quintana Roo. The word "lagoon" from the Mayan language translates to "Surrounded by reeds".

Bacalar lagoon, also often called the Lagoon of seven colors because, as locals assure, in good weather, the waters can distinguish seven different shades of blue. Different color of water is related to differential depths in the lake. In the lake included three cenote (the Maya called craters in the ground filled with water). The lake is narrow and elongated in length, it reaches 42 km and width is just 4 km from Laguna Bacalar is one of the few water bodies in the Yucatan Peninsula, whose bottom of chalky soil does not hold water, therefore, flows out of the lake underground stream that feeds the nearby cenotes in the region and in the South of Quintana Roo.

Laguna Bacalar is related to other small lakes: Lagoon, Guerrero and Laguna Milagros. This water system also includes swamps adjacent to the river Hondo. In the dry season the water of the lagoons are not mixed. The locals use it is the purest of the lake as the main source of drinking water. By the way, all tourists are offered to drink, to make sure crystal-clear purity of water. Risk a few.

On the shores of the Bacalar Lagoon bungalows to stay, which are never empty. The lake is open to swimming, fishing and pedal boats and kayaking. You can rent them at any local hotel.

One of the attractions of the lake are the big rocks stromatolites, which were formed several billion years ago. They consist of remains of activity of the cyanobacteria. The stones can be seen while diving under water.