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Photos and description

Interactive Museum, Trompo located on the Paseo del Parque next to the famous city Park of Morelos. His visitors are well aware of the fact that the learning process can be interesting, fun and exciting. The Museum offers for the whole family with hundreds of attractions, associated with modern science and technology. Museum Trompo is building an innovative shape with a glass facade and dome. This place is more like an entertainment centre, divided into six thematic areas. If you go to the Museum of Trompo with children up to 6 years, then you will first have to go to the experimental section where new knowledge children get through the game. The most interesting instance of this part of the Museum is a battle robot with arms that can move the metal wire without touching it.

In the section of innovation the focus is on globalization of the modern world. Through interactive exhibits you can try to manage their own industrial enterprise.

The tech sector shows visitors the most interesting technical achievements. You can play your own music, only her feet and stepping on the right floor tiles, or play with his own shadow, which suddenly begins to live his life. In one of the halls of the Museum show a 3D film for children telling about aliens and robots.

At the Museum, Trompo works concert hall Audiorama - open platform, designed for 7 thousand spectators. It often hosts performances of fashionable singers and musicians.