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The Degollado Theatre

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The Degollado theatre is located in the centre of Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco state. Mexican theatre movement in the nineteenth century gave rise to Degollado. The audience demanded its construction so to be able to enjoy Opera and serious drama. It was opened in the mid 60-ies of the 19th century, he soon became a cult place of the intelligentsia. For the first time the actors came on the scene in 1866, when the building was still unfinished. The Degollado theater was rebuilt several times, which held as many as four opening ceremony; the last was held in 1964.

Architects believe the theater building is an excellent sample for a theatrical appearance. The theatre has its own pond. Inside the theatre is no less magnificent: the walls are gold color, heavy curtains, mosaic in the style of Neoclassicism, a huge column. Despite all the metamorphoses that transpired with the main structure, the facade of the theater has preserved its authentic look. It depicts Apollo and the nine Muses. It is worth noting that the theater building is on the list of national heritage of Mexico.

The theatre international festival, runs city ballet company, Folk ballet and Philharmonic orchestra of the state. Degollado surprising diversity of his repertoire: here, provide not only ballet performances, but concerts of classical and contemporary music.

The theater is designed for the audience of 1,400 people. In may 2001, the theatre has undergone another change in its structure to its interior build chamber hall can accommodate two hundred spectators.

Sometimes the city government of Guadalajara together with the administration Degollado offers free tours of the theatre.