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Factory of tequila

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The most famous guided tours that offer visitors in Guadalajara, is traveling on an exotic train, called the "Tequila Express" a factory for the manufacture of traditional Mexican drink - tequila. Factory "Casa Herradura" was opened in the vicinity of Guadalajara in 1870 and since then has never stopped its activities. Its founder, businessman sir Feliciano Romo for a long time could not decide where to build his company. Every morning he went in search of a suitable site, examined the many nooks and crannies in the vicinity of Guadalajara. Once he saw the open field in a horseshoe. Taking the discovery as a good sign, he built here the estate "Casa Herradura", which translated from Spanish means "House Horseshoe".

Tequila factory, Romo produced the old fashioned way - manually, on the basis of the ancient recipes known only to owners of the company and kept secret. Tourists reported that beverage is forbidden to add sugar and other not covered by tradition of ingredients. High taste of tequila ranch "Casa Herradura" are due to the special variety of agave from which the drink is made, and the methods of its cultivation.

The tour of the factory includes a visit to the first structure, built by Feliciano Romo. Here is now a Museum telling about the manor, the history of tequila and how it is produced. Then the travelers have the opportunity to explore the modern shops, where, in fact, make a drink. At the factory there is a tasting room. At the end of the tour before the tourists are the local shepherds.

Of course, the tequila factory is a shop where you can buy your favorite products.