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The Church and convent of Santo Domingo

Photos and description

The Church and former monastery of Santo Domingo, or St. Dominic de Guzman, located on the Avenue November 20, four blocks North of the main square on 31 March. This is one of the most beautiful public buildings.

The first stone in the Foundation of the monastery was laid in 1547 by Francisco Marracino, Bishop of Guatemala. The present Church dates from the XVII century, but in its construction were used the architectural elements that decorated the original Church. The appearance of this sacral building during reconstruction has been changed. Historians believe that the builders removed one of the buildings, between which was located the temple. Nowadays, you can see the trail on the facade of the Church remaining after the demolished structure.

The temple of Santo Domingo resembles a jewel box of cream-colored stone. Its walls are covered with fine carvings. Here you can see a vegetative ornament, images of eagles, sirens, angels, crowns topped with crosses, etc., This decor makes the building unique. It is unlikely at least one Mexican Church has a similar decoration of the facades.

Among the treasures of the Church of Santo Domingo is necessary to emphasize the most beautiful in the country, the pulpit made from a single trunk of oak, the main altar complex structures and several valuable paintings. In the chapel of the Rosario is set Baroque altar of the Holy Trinity, which is also worthy of attention of visitors of this Church.

The convent of Santo Domingo in our days, converted under the Indian crafts and the Museum.