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Hidalgo Market

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The Hidalgo market is the heart and soul of Tijuana. Every tourist knows that for total immersion in the atmosphere of a strange country should go to the local market. A huge collection of shops and stalls, intense colors, expressive aromas, ingredients and products that are created from family recipes that date back several centuries, - that is what travellers find at the Mercado (market) Hidalgo.

About 80 small shops spetsializiruyutsya on selling the freshest local produce and some goods imported from neighboring America. It's a family business. Benches owned by grandchildren of those who began to trade in the Hidalgo market in 50 years. The local society is so serious about its traditions, shop owners can't retire (for example, just getting rid of the kiosk) without the consent of the neighboring merchants. Many sellers believe the local market is my second home.

Tourists who are on the market in the first place go in search of exotic products who can become great Souvenirs. It is different types of chili, sweet potato, edible cactus. Housewives can also get hold of an authentic Mexican herbs and spices that are useful in the preparation of various dishes.

In addition to food, there are also sold handmade products, Souvenirs and piñatas (figures from papier-mache, stuffed with small treats). The cheapest and high quality ceramics also need to look for here.

One of the tourist objects of the market is considered to be a chapel dedicated to the virgin of Guadalupe.