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Iglesia de La Caridad

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Iglesia de La Caridad, which is also called the temple of the virgin of Mercy was built at the hospital convent of San Juan de Dios, which in our days have nothing left. Holy monastery belonged to the monks of the order of St. John. Their hospital was intended to service the local indigenous population.

The Church tower was built in 1712, thanks to investment and the patronage of the Bishop of Chiapas and Soconusco, Juan Bautista Alvarez de Toledo, arrived in Ciudad real than in those days was called San Cristobal de Las Casas, two years earlier, and immediately bought land for the construction of a new hospital. The Bishop was also indirectly responsible for the great revolt of the Indians, as demanded by the indigenous population of the fundraising for the construction of the Church de La Caridad, thereby worsening the plight of the communities.

The facade of the Church built in Baroque style, decorated with Tuscan columns with pilasters. The sunlight coming through the window in the dome of the temple lights one of the best in the city of altars dedicated to the virgin of Mercy.

It is worth noting that the monastery's hospital some time worked after the completion of the struggle for independence. They led a group of civilians from the charity Committee. Then the old hospital was organized by the nursing home. Now this building you will find, but the Church of the virgin of Mercy is preserved in excellent condition and worth to visit. It is open during the day for all believers and tourists.